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Model Citizen is an online publication that publishes fashion talents, brands and creatives globally through an editorial interview and publish it through our Blog, Magazine, Apple News and Social Media Channels since 2016 with more than 50,0000 submissions.And now, we are opening our platform to interior designers and home decorators like you.

now Showcasing interior designers and decorators globally.

Create Your Pinterest Board or collaborate with us and increase your impressions and engagement for your brand and business.


What is Pinterest?

Pinterest is a virtual pinboard. It allows users to collect photos and link to products they love to share, all the things they find on the web.

Some Pinterest Facts

10 Million monthly unique visitors – faster than any independent site in history.

Over 10.4 million registered users on Pinterest.

Pinterest generates more traffic than Youtube, Google+, and LinkedIn combined.

How Pinterest Works?

Users pin an image from an external website – this image is then added to Pinterest and is linked back to the original site.

Pinterest Boards

A board is a set of pins. A board can be created on almost any topic (niche) such as cake designs, hairstyles, cooking etc. People can follow you (they support all of your boards) or can recommend one board in particular. So it does not matter the number of the people that follow your profile (as on Twitter or Facebook), what matters is the number of people that support your particular board! Moreover, THIS IS BECAUSE, ON PINTEREST, EACH BOARD COULD BE FOR A PARTICULAR NICHE!

Pinterest is very Viral!

Over 80% Pins are Re-pins (people pin back what you have pinned)! This means that in future when you pin something on your Pinterest board, these people will comment on your content and “repin” your content – i.e. pin your content on their board and get other people to pin your stuff.

There are already over 150 brands on Pinterest!






Non Profit.


Home Improvement.

How can Pinterest help your business or your brand?

Showcase your brand.

Promote your best selling products or services.

Help your business go viral and have a substantial social media presence.

Generate free Pinterest traffic to your website or your brand.

Generate buzz about your business or your brand.

If you are a business owner, then you need to get yourself on Pinterest because you are missing out on free social media traffic. Studies showed that 28.1% of users on Pinterest have an annual household income of $100k. The sheer volume of these stats makes sense to brand your business or gigs on Pinterest.

Here, you can find our current analytics on Pinterest. To ensure to authencity of our analytics, these images are screenshots from our pinterest dashboard.

CHECkout how this helps us get tarffic for our magazine on We save $15,000.00 monthly from paid advertisements on facebook, instagram, pinterest, twitter and 


with our strategy on pinterest, we target the right audience that coNverts traffic for our magazine.

Model Citizen Magazine

Create a Pinterest Board:We will create a Pinterest Board for your brand. After creating the board, we will send you a collaboration request to the email address you use on Pinterest. With this package, you can post unlimited photos and links for your brand.

Get Invited to Collaborate:You will be invited to collaborate on the following boards:

Homes Designs for a Happier Family

Home Interiors You Need to Check Out Right Now

Interior Designs We Recommend

You can post unlimited photos to this board and links which will be redirected to the website of your choice.

Below is the analytics of one of our clients who submitted for the blog and magazine. after 7 days, notice how his statics went up from almost 0 to 10,709 7 days aggregated views and 6,687 days aggregated aggregated impressions.

Below is the 3-month analytics of one of our clients. notice how the impressions and engagement increases after submitting for the blog and the magazine.

If you are an interior designer or home decorator, you can get published on MOdel Citizen Interior Blog and magazine, by filling out the editorial form below:

If you are a fashion model, designer, photographer, Makeup artist, hair stylists, creative director, brand, you may also want to consider being featured to Model Citizen Magazine.