Are you an agency?

No. We simply want to get as many of you recognised by the industry as possible by showcasing you to our and third party platforms (Model Citizen App, Model Citizen Magazine, App, Blogs, Apple News)

Are you registered as a company?

Yes, we are legally registered in Australia as Model Citizen. Model Citizen Magazine is currently processing our business registration in NY, USA.

ABN 97 517 312 242


How do you submit your entry?

To submit your entry and be featured, please follow this simple steps:

1. Visit

2. Fill out the form- answer the questions accurately.

Download ModelCitizen on the App Store and Google Play

1. Go to Submissions section

2. Tap Be Featured section

3. Fill out the form- answer the questions accurately.

4. Attach your best work photos (high quality).

We will contact you when we need more information from you.

What if I am a model and a photographer?

Please send us two different entries. 

How do we know if our interview will be posted?

When a Model Citizen team member reviews submissions, the Approval Manager will filter the messages based on a number of criteria, including- order of submissions received, the quality of the answers, photos, etc. the approval manager prefers entries with great content, so make sure you answer the questions accordingly and send us great quality photos. We look for quality, not quantity. Please check Upcoming Interviews tab  or your photo appears, that means your interview will be posted.

What if I was contacted and haven't heard back from you after a few days?

We aim to get back to everyone within 24 hours. We will send you an email shortly as soon as we can.

Please read the message below:

A qualifying entry means:

1. You have responded to the questions accurately. Consider this feature as your magazine interview, because it will be. We will post your entry on our blog and our free online magazine, in which, you can download it and send it to your friends. So great answers and stories are crucial.

2. The quality of photos.

We do not accept photos which are a screen shot from your Instagram. We are looking for photos which have excellent quality. Minimum of 1 MB is required. 
Please remember that we are trying to showcase you to the world. 

We do not accept selfies. Selfies are awesome, and we all do that, however, in the real working industry, test shots/photos or your work, are required. Again, we want to put you on an online magazine.

We thank you for your entry, and please feel free to contact us if you are doubtful.

About you online magazine, how do get involved?

All entries we posted monthly will automatically be included in our monthly online magazine.

If you are a fashion label who wishes to be including your brand to our online magazine, we will be more than happy to work with you. We have a magazine mockup that we can send you with the dimensions, placements and prices for the ad. Please contact us.

If you are a fashion model, photographer, makeup artist, hair stylist, creative director and designer who does not want to be interviewed and just want to appear in our magazine, it will be considered an ad.  We have a magazine mockup that we can send you with the dimensions, placements and prices for the ad. Please contact us.

Where can I see your media kit?


I am on Upcoming Interviews, I want to get in line first.

We post entries based on the date we receive them, the quality of the interview and the photos they send us. We want everyone on Line-Up page to be accommodate and we encourage everyone to patiently wait.

I do not want to wait, can you prfioritize me?

I am willing to pay to get prioritised since I am on Upcoming Interviews page, do you accept payments?

Contact us through:

How much is it to advertise in your magazine?

Contact us at

Where can we find your magazine?






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Also, we release Model Citizen the Book on the iBooks Store. It's a combination of two months issues and there is a new cover which will have his/her own chapter. You may download it here.

What is ModelCitizen app?

It is an app for fashion talents and creatives. It is a platform where everyone can Collaborate, Discover and Connect. Soon, it will be a booking platform for the fashion industry. More information about the booking platform will be released once it's available. For now, you may download the app here:

App Store

Google Play


We are still working on this list of Frequently Asked Questions. If you can't find your question here, please contact us.