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Alexis Beaulieu

“A time I had wished I have handled myself different would be at a photo shoot where I felt like the photographer was pressuring me to be risque. The photos he wanted to shoot were not in my best interest, and I felt very uncomfortable. The next day I asked him to please delete the images.”


Zoi Kapiri

“When I photoshoot it's difficult when very known stylists, makeup artists, etc., want me to take photos the way they want to.

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Albert Reed

“A mistake I wish I could take back would honestly have to be delaying my growth by not starting this dream as early as I should have. So much wasted time where I could've been learning so much and could have progressed so much further than I have now.”


Gyunsu Sim

“Impatience is a deadly poison. If build a brick quickly, it collapses quickly. I hope to build a dream building slowly and meticulously. I advise myself too.”

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Eline van Zwol

My future collection will be versy special. Working with a technical drawer allows me to make to most special designs. To be exclusive. I'm working on a bridal collection. And I hope when my company is growing, I can support a fabric which is fair to his employees. Or to build one fabric myself. People in this industry are suffering, and I want to change that.



 There was once a headshot subject, who is never comfortable with taking pictures of himself. I used my personality and ability to engage in natural conversation to distract that person as I was taking pictures of him.