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I am a newer alternative model. My passions include my kids, modelling and travelling. One of my main goals is to help women get out of abusive relationships by using my past as inspiration.

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I have recently gotten out of a bad marriage where I was controlled and manipulated for years. My husband was also emotionally and mentally abusive, and it turned physical a few times. I tried leaving many times but was always manipulated into coming back and thinking the world of him. I finally put my foot down and was able to move because when he put his hands on me when I was holding our child, I found my strength to call the cops. Being a single mother of two boys by the age of 24 is the hardest obstacle I’ve had to face, but it’s also my greatest. Always realise your self-worth and never settle for less because you never know who’s watching.

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Photographer: Naomi Rossman

MUA: occult_transmissions

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Photographer: Prettyinkedgirl

MUA: yours truly

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