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I am a photographer and filmmaker, aspiring to share stories all over the world through my video and photo series. I am currently a student at OCAD U in Toronto, and I am working towards a degree in integrated media. I have always been passionate about storytelling and diversity as I came from Zimbabwe and went to international schools growing up. I am also a mental health advocate as I battled with my mental health and wanted to have more representation in media.

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The first place I knew growing up was the UK, as my parents moved there before I was one. I lived there for the first five years of my life before we moved back home to Zimbabwe. Zimbabwe was entirely different than what I was used to, but it was home. Unfortunately, I was never able to learn the language, leading to a constant feeling of disconnect from my culture. I went to academic schools throughout my childhood but always knew my heart was in the arts. I wanted to make movies. This led to a lot of self-induced stress and pressure when it came to my education. I was diagnosed with Bipolar Disorder at the age of 16, possibly brought on by stress or trauma. It's something I've dealt with daily since then, and I try to include it in my work where possible to help spread accurate representation of mental health rather than a more romanticised version. I moved to Canada at 16, soon after my diagnosis, and am currently studying in Toronto at an art school, pursuing my passions.

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