Travis Cutner

Travis Cutner


Model / Actor / Sports Nutritionist

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@cutnice50 @cutn50fitness



Who am I? I am the average Joe. I'm a fitness enthusiast whose passion is family, living a healthy lifestyle an helping others recognise their potential by discovering that we are capable of endless possibilities which we can achieve by staying consistent and never giving up.

Your Story

Jan 1, 2016, I ended a long-term relationship and began perusing my acting career in Atlanta GA. Feb 2016 My father was paralysed after falling which led to him being a paraplegic after amputating both legs. As a former ex-football player, I realised, that I needed to evolve personally, professionally and mentally. I entered a transformation challenge while losing over 50 lbs and landed multiple acting gigs while travelling on the weekends and between the times which I assisted in taking care of my father. 2017 I won a transformation contest for muscle meds #improveyourselfcontest and landed a contract as a sponsored ambassador, athlete and fitness model with in the #signmesixtarcontest. 2018 I started my sports nutritionist online coaching business and competed in my first bodybuilding show @leehaneygames where I placed 4th in Men's Physique. 2019 The sky is the limit, and I will finish writing and publish my first book. Even though my journey continues and my father is still in an assisted living environment; I remain confident to know that means my family will make it through the challenges positive and negative which comes our way.

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