Sitong Zeng

Sitong Zeng


fitness and fashion model

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QLD, Australia


I‘m a Nursing student and studying in Australia, original from China. When I was a kid, I wanted to become a runway model, but I haven't found a time to make this dream become true until I met a photographer from my public speaking club. I started the very first photo shoot; they couldn't stop it. While at the same time, I'm preparing my BIKINI competition, so I can be a fitness model as well.

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In the past few years, as a student, the thing I focused on was studying, I never try anything what I passionate. Until I came to Australia where is an entirely different country, I love here, and I can do what I truly love, which is become a model. After met the first photographer and accidentally tried the first photo shoot, but I never expect the photo looks fantastic. Then I just tried many different photo shoots, can't stop it. In the same time, I'm training hard in the gym, also prepare BIKINI MODEL competition, so that I can become a fitness model as well. Those two are what I want to do in my life, that feels like this is WHO I AM! Always want to be THE BEST.

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