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B.C., Canada


Before I finished my studies at the Vancouver Institute of Media Arts for photography and went on to pursue my own commercial photography business. I was a Welder, working full time in a metal shop. Photography came into my life as I was finishing my apprenticeship at the British Columbia Institute of Technology. As my passion for the art grew, I decided to take it more seriously. Two years later after making that decision, I have my commercial photography team, taking on projects from local social media influencers and local brands.

Photo Credits:

Photographer: Sheldon Nand (@_happyfaceemoji)

Model: Luna (IG: @lunalyxx)

MUA: Erin Marie (IG: @mua.erinmarie)

Hairstylist: Jello Mak (@jellomak)

Stylist: Julima Gallardo (@gallardojulima)