Shelby Ursu

Shelby Ursu
United States

I've been working with vintage fashion photography for a few years now. The thing I love the most about photography is that you can always learn something new. I have been teaching myself more and more and challenging myself to be better with each new shoot. I started by just gathering some friends and playing dress up while exploring my hometown for locations in my late teens. Once I moved to Pittsburgh, PA I began to meet professional models and started to work with girls who had the same visions and inspirations as me. I moved to New Orleans because of the amazing culture, history, and scenery. My main goal here is to photograph women who are strong and admirable- while at the same time promoting local vintage clothing stores through social media. I am mainly hoping to show beautiful women in beautiful places while wearing beautiful garments. I like to do shoots based on my visions of fictional female character that intrigues me; this is my way of bringing them to life. I hope to exude beauty, mystery and a sense of nostalgia in my work.

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I am not a professional model, but I do prefer to photograph those who have more experience professionally modelling. Professional models have a more relaxed and natural sense of movement.

My mother has been my biggest inspiration and my hero. She is a very artistic and talented woman that I looked up to so much growing up, and to this day she still amazes me with her endless love and natural talent. The photographer that inspire me is Bert Stern, Milton Greene, Hana Haley, and Victoria Zeoli.

I feel like I've met goals that I've set for myself, but I am the kind of gal who keeps setting more and more goals for myself to accomplish. I love what I do, and I want to keep pushing boundaries and keep showing people my vision of the world!

I would have moved to a city sooner only because I find that I feel more inspiration in a city than I ever did while living in a small town.

I advised ticking to your style because that will separate you from others in your field. If you keep sticking to your guns and show your individuality and originality as an artist, others will respect what you put out into the world.

I love to meet women who have been through a lot. Women are usually my subjects, and this is mainly because I find us to be beautiful and interesting creatures. I watch a lot of old Hollywood films and find inspiration in a lot of my childhood heroes like Audrey Hepburn, Norma Shearer, Elizabeth Taylor, and Veronica Lake.

If you want to be great at photography, read as much as you can about photography. Learn from your favourite photographers. Read their biographies. Lastly, it is very important to learn what you can about the business aspect of having a career as a photographer.

Canon AE-1. I'm using film more lately, and I find it to be tricky but exciting.

Photos 1&2:
Model- Thu Vu
MUA/Hair- Christin Bradford
Creative Director- Francesca Caruso
Wardrobe- Funky Monkey Nola

Photo 3:
Self portrait

Photos 4-9:
Model- Sarah Hangartner
MUA- Artistry by Camille
Production Assistant- Caroline Zemp
Wardrobe- Motel Rocks, Anthropologie, American Apparel, Bow Shoe Shoe, Seychelles, Lily & the Lamplight

Photos 10&11:
Model- Jazz and blues singer Nina Massara

Photos 12-15:
Model- Honey
MUA- Artistry by Camille
Production Assistants- Shelby Knafel, Baylee Badawy
Wardrobe- Funky Monkey Nola

Photo 16:
Model- Burlesque performer Grandma Fun

Photos 17-19:
Model- Delaney George
MUA- Angela Morris
Wardrobe- Trashy Diva, American Apparel

Photo 20:
Models- Christin and Caitlin