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I’m Sharon Clawson, and I’m a Malaysian/Sri Lankan model and body activist. I grew up always being the girl who didn’t fit in or meet the “standard” of beauty. Being on the curvier side and a woman of colour, I’ve decided to be a part of the change of our generation not only representing different body types but also being able to serve women of my culture. Being a force, I hope more women come together to become a movement and deliver more representation within our society today.

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I started modelling from the time I was about eleven years old beginning in pageantry. I was always the brown, chunky girl surrounded by girls with blonde hair, blue eyes, and were a lot more petite. I almost always came in the last place when competing and constantly felt inadequate. I decided to take a long break to be able to build my confidence and learn the value of self-love. Once I got on the journey of self-love and became stronger as a person, I decided to take my career to the next level. From the teas, cleanses, and detoxes along with diets from the time I was about nine years old, to hating what I saw in the mirror and killing myself in the gym, I want to be able to share my story and help be a part of our change and our movement of diversity. Hopefully, my story can inspire our next generation of women to love themselves unapologetically and not be afraid to be authentically themselves.

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