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I want to introduce myself as Shadai.

And I will change the world through writing stories. For writing speaks different languages of the heart.

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Today I woke up out of a dream and it was about a statue that grants wishes. Oddly I remember laying right beside it before waking up...

I probably had this dream because I pray a lot LOL.

I pray to get through the bad, to appreciate the good, for my family, for my friends, and my wishes.

Before the dream, I felt like my wishes weren’t getting answered. That I would continue to struggle and feel pain. And a fear started to grow inside me — a fear of defeat.

How did I stop this fear from growing?

I wrote.

Writing has always helped me cope with whatever fear I experienced from a child to adolescent to now. I always wished to become a writer one day, and I feel like this dream is letting me know that my wish is being granted now because I have shed my fear of defeat.

Today, oddly as well, I woke up to Model Citizen liking a photo of mine which inspired me to share my story with you.

Here is a quote from my book that I feel is relevant to everyday life:

“Does any fear exist without your consent? And if you are needed to consent those fears, is your deepest fear, not you?”

-Shadai L.