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I am the typical girl next door who loves smiling, trying new things, and getting the most out of life. I like to travel, cook (especially desserts), play field hockey (I'm a goalie), dance, and be outdoors. Manners, kindness, honesty and reliability are what I value above all else, which is why volunteering and giving back and being a good role model is so important to me. I'm an auditor by profession, but you wouldn't guess it given my childlike enthusiasm, my love of anything rainbow and sparkly, and the thrill I get from hiding and jumping out of nowhere to scare people!

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I have been very privileged to be able to grow up in Australia, I love my country, but as a girl of ethnic background (Sri Lankan, Malaysian), it has not always been easy. I got through my teen years telling myself that I was brains, not beauty and that I'd rather be smart than attractive. This was enough to get me through the days until my ex-boyfriend cheated on me with his model ex-girlfriend. He told me it was because I wasn't attractive, and that ripped me to shreds. He was my first boyfriend, and my self-esteem plummeted, and it was no longer enough for me to be brains. I got into modelling a year later to try to prove to myself that I was beautiful and just as good as the girl he cheated on me with. While I started for the wrong reasons, my confidence did grow, and I ended up loving being in front of and behind the camera. I'm now very passionate about the push for real models, as I believe we need to see role models for a healthy and attainable body that promote self-esteem and body love — girls of different backgrounds, shapes and sizes, so that all those young people growing up understand that there is not one ideal type of beauty and that every person is beautiful in their way. This is one of the reasons I entered the modelling competition 'Australian Supermodel of the Year', in the curve section. I love that this competition has a curve section and encourages everyone to get involved! I also entered as they put a large emphasis on giving back to the community and have partnered with 'The Butterfly Foundation', an Australian charity that focuses on eating disorders and loving your body, which I'm all for!

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Photographer: John Janick

Model: Revathi Shan (Australian Supermodel of the Year Curve Finalist)