Rei Marques


Rei Marques


Ceo of Rei Marques Inc. I manage models artists dancers content creators venues. (me personally photography/model) I also have owned a sneaker art and restoration business since I was 13 years old

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My Name Is

Nicholas Marques

But I’m called names

(Nicky Rei, Rei Marques, Marquez)

currently 19 and starting my second business.

At the age of 13 I was able to create 1 of 1 Art pieces/ sneaker customs.

As I ran and still currently Ceo of

“N’M Customs & Restores”

based in new york.

(over 1,500 plus clientele since the start of 2013.

working on 100s of shoes)

I’m affiliated with two facebook groups

which we have had (23,000 members and counting)

I manage myself, three local artists.

As well as a hand full of local models/dancers.

Just had a sold-out show 2/2/2019 (100+ ticket sale sales first show)

My dream is to be World Famous, and I’m already getting the name out in the countries I’ve visited.


I recently came home from travelling Europe for three months (visited six countries)

I'm home driven working

16-18 hours daily.

I multiple job titles staying busy.

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Your Story

2020 I plan to buy my parents a house for Everything they gave me in my life. They believed in me from the start. I was blessed to have the opportunity to speak in front of my old high school, letting younger ambitious students know that they should never give up on their passion/dreams.

I followed my dreams and businesses with no college.

& I’m happy to say...

Life Changed This Past year

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