R Jay Dela Cruz

"Entering in a fashion world opens a new opportunity for me to enhance more my knowledge as a photographer."


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R Jay

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Dela Cruz

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I'm a mechanical engineer in discipline and working in an engineering consulting firm based in Saudi Arabia. I bought my first camera way back 2014 to find a new way to divert my free time into something useful and creative. After a while, I have joined some fashion groups as a photographer to somehow developed my skills. Entering in a fashion world opens a new opportunity for me to enhance more my knowledge as a photographer.

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Photography lets me go outside my comfort zone. I've got to meet new friends, know about fashion, trends, lifestyle, and go to places where there is the beauty of nature.

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Ernie Comeros (designer), Ramil Tolentino (designer), Angel Orig (HMUA), Jennifer Crasta (model), Biz McLandress (model), Patricia Garcia (model), Ariel Ponon (model), mae bibat (model), Sam Hunk (model)

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