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My name is Priscilla, and I am 27 years old. I am currently working as a Paralegal and I just recently found my passion for fashion photography. I've always loved focusing on people and their unique personalities. My primary goal is to become a full-time fashion photographer and every day I am working towards this goal.

I look forward to this journey.

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Growing up my family told me I only had a few options when it came to career choice. I ended up moving to Arizona for Law School and for the whole year I was a law student, I wasn’t doing it for me. I was doing it for others. When I drove 2,500 miles back home I realised I had to find my passion; I had to figure out what I loved the most. I have done a complete 360, and I can say I finally found what I love the most, photography and fashion. I have always been inspired by my grandma who always made her clothes from scratch before she went out in Cuba. I never got the chance to meet her, but she inspires me to dig deeper into the field of fashion. I challenge myself and constantly work on my goals.

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