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I have been responsible for the production of advertising photography for many Fortune 500 companies, clothing and accessory designers and manufacturers, editorial fashion for consumer print publications, sporting goods manufacturers, public relations firms, and for food and packaging. I have done advertising photography for several large retail chains, worked with advertising agencies in New York, Los Angeles, San Francisco, Paris, and Tokyo. I have published images in directories like; The American Showcase of Photography, The Art Director's Index, and The Black Book. Advertising imagery has appeared in many fashions and consumer print magazines including, but not limited to Vogue USA, Italy, Conde Nast Publications, Architectural Digest, Glamour, Marie Claire, Scene Magazine, and Women's Wear Daily to list a few.

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Started in my parent's garage as a young man, and outgrew the space quickly. Client demands warranted a studio space in the most significant local market I could afford to be in - San Francisco. I worked for several advertising agencies and designers there, most notably Helga Howie (designer) after taking the account over from the then rising star; Richard Avedon. After working out of a studio there, I was able to get representation for my work through several reps; one in San Francisco & Los Angeles; another for Japan (Tokyo); one for New York and another for Paris and Milan. I now shoot only for my own and young models development and still enjoy using film from time to time.

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All Photos ©Philip K. Turner

Makeup: Syndi Saizen, Betsy Bogue, Amy Lingenfelter

Hair & Styling: Vary by the image

I have model releases for all models in photos

#1 Willa Prescott

#2 Jennifer Cooke

#3 Braelyn Meadows (IG: @arianamendez_ )

#4 Lilah Corral (MUA: Amy Lingenfelter)

#5 Ritual Muse - (Jillian Ann) - (MUA Jillian Ann)

#6 Darya Sea (MUA: Amy Lingenfelter - IG: @amy.lingenfelter)

#7 Shawna Lee

#8 Christiana Raquelle (IG: christiana_raquelle) - (MUA: Amy Lingenfelter)

#9 Dita Lii (MUA: Amy Lingenfelter)

#10 Braelyn Meadows (IG: @arianamendez_)