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My name is Nathaniel; I am a new freelance model. This came about due to increased self-confidence, mainly due to MMA training. MMA and sports are my passion, and I would love to give something back. I would have to say my ultimate goal would to be a sportswear model. I would like to work with Nike, Lonsdale and Underarmour as to model sportswear would be awesome for me. I am already enjoying meeting some fantastic people here.

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When I was at school, around the age of 16, an incredible lie was told about me. I won't go into the full details, but let's say it ruined my last two years of school. Being a shy, mysterious kid that nobody knew much about indeed didn't help. I was subject to some pretty severe bullying and exclusion during this time. I had no friends to speak of. The next two years were nothing short of horrible. It was then that I told myself I would make this life worth the struggle and worth the suffering. So I survived those two years and have attempted some ridiculous things to try to fulfil this! I tried to be a poet, a police officer, a writer, a forex trader. I even knocked on doors trying to sell different charities! Now I believe I have found my niche. I am working at a bank and starting my modelling career. I can't wait to see where this takes me, and I believe I now finally have the self-confidence to succeed in such a job.

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