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Makeup Artist

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Mihaella Pescaru, an evolving, an avant-garde artist of makeup and hairstyle. I chose to pursue this career to satisfy my passion and the curiosity of the inner beauty by accentuating depths of features of each and everyone’s unique definitions of themselves.

I aspire to inspire others as they encouraged me and to make a difference in everyone’s way of perceiving makeup artistry.

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I have been through many struggles in my life, from a failed relationship through difficulties of belief in myself and appreciate myself. I chose to go through the process of finding who I am by adhering to a spiritual realm that helped me break the habit of being who I was.

I am happy to say that now my new life it’s taking its course and keeps evolving for the best, being surrounded by lovely people and being blessed with the opportunity to meet new other and make significant impacts in each different life’s.

Choosing as a career makeup and hairstyle made me realise that there I can expose my passion, growing talent and become the person that I am and the one that I’ll become, a more evolved version of myself!!❤️

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