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I am a US Air Force Veteran who takes one last look when visiting amazing places; I do this for those who will never get the chance. Although I am retired from the US Air Force, I currently mentor adults who may need just a little extra help throughout the day. My passion is shooting photography and videography in a way where people ask me, how did you do that? I would love to be known for my photography and shooting style.

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I grew up in a small rural town in north-west Pennsylvania. In 1989 I joined the US Air Force and began a journey of travel, experiences and failed relationships. What I missed the most during my AF career was my family back in Pennsylvania. I missed nearly every holiday with my family for over 22 years. My love for my family never wavered but I fear that toward the end of my life I will most likely hold my time away from family as my biggest regret. A few years after I retired in 2010 I finally found a woman who was a great match and our marriage is enriched with love and growth. It was my wife who got me thinking about photography and because of her I purchased my camera, then another, then some lenses, then studio lights, etc... Now I believe photography is the vehicle I use to transport my creative legacy.

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Photographer - Michael Lindenberger | https://mlindenberger15.wixsite.com/website | Instagram @mikrolabstudio

Model - George Smith | Instagram @g_dedicates