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Michael Furar


Model and Photographer

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I'm hardworking, dedicated; I have a great personality, huge heart, caring, kind, lovable, and honest. I'm determined to succeed in life and be very successful. I love being around other people and inspiring them to achieve their goals. It would be very satisfying to work side by side with people who make fashion a reality. I want to show the world my uniqueness, show them how much I'm different from everyone else and show them you can be whoever you want to be and can express themselves; however, they choose to. Your style is what makes you unique.

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Coming out in high school was the hardest part of my life, and every day felt like a challenge for me. I honestly thought I would never make it through those 4 years. Every day I walked into the building, I was being talked about, called names, and physically attacked. After so many incidents of being bullied, I finally started to get very depressed and thought I didn't deserve to live in a world where I didn't belong. I was down about myself up until my junior year. I then started to defend myself and fight back. Standing up for myself and for what I believe is what made my confidence and self-esteem increase highly. Now I've learned that it doesn't matter what others think of you, what matters is that you be who are you and embrace it! My bullying experience has made me a more strong and confident person. I'm so proud of the progress I've made so far and what's yet to come. I still live in my small town called Mendota, IL. It's making it very hard to get myself noticed by living here and to get the attention of everyone out there in this world. I plan on moving to Florida in late September with my best friend, and once I move out of this state, I will finally be starting my life.

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