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I have big beautiful eyes, sincerely rejoice for people.

Margarita, what are your passion and aspiration in life? How did you start as a Model?

The husband helped to believe in yourself! For several years I learned to first-born and played with the camera, trying on different images. The results of the works are not left without the attention of the public.

Who is your inspiration in life Margarita? How do you keep inspired?

I read a lot, including blogs. I derive my inspiration from travelling, in the words of a beloved man, sometimes I get insane ideas. Also, I am inspired by beautiful people. Aesthetics still did not leave anyone indifferent.

We all make mistakes Margarita; we wish we could take back. Please tell us about time being a Model; you wish you’d handled a situation differently with a colleague.

Margarita, when you’re working with a large number of clients, it’s tricky to deliver excellent service to them all. As a Model, how do you go about prioritising your clients’ needs?

Please tell us, Margarita, about a time you had to be very strategic in order to meet all your top priorities as a Model?

The main thing is work! If the shooting is planned - you must be on it, you must work out like last time while getting the satisfaction from the process. I'm driving a glider, a useful thing)

Margarita, please give us an example of a time when you were able to persuade someone to see things your way at work successfully.

Margarita, please tell us about your proudest professional accomplishment as a Model. There might be many, but there is always this proudest moment that you want to share with everyone. What is it and why?

Unfortunately, at the moment I'm not a professional model. But my goal is high, and I will do my best to achieve my goal.

Margarita, please give us an example of a time you were able to be creative with your work. What was exciting or difficult about it?

One of the challenges is the image of a tiger. It was necessary to draw it in detail on the face, taking into account the features of the felines, and then to play the necessary role on the camera. The most amusing and fun I consider shooting with the character name "Wedding trash". In the wedding dress, I had to play football, dive into the lake and hide in prickly bushes. The work went out excellent, untrained and alive.

What advice would you give to the people who want to be successful as a Model?

Believe in yourself, in your beauty and your abilities. Read more, study the necessary content, generate ideas and do not be afraid to implement them.

Are you looking for collaboration with fashion talents, brands and creatives? If yes, please state below what type of collaboration you are looking for?

Certainly! I would gladly take part in the shooting of any brand, but my favorite is Guess! I'm enthusiastic about the brand, I often use it in my shoots and recommend it to friends.

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Photographer: Marat Ishmeev @poetofthefall