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Women's footwear designer

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Forest Hills, NY


From Finance to fashion, that has been my journey. I grew up in Trinidad and Tobago, studied usual stuff like math and science, majored in math, and now work in finance. But all the way along that traditional path of life, I always knew that I am an artist at heart. I see life in colours and patterns and shapes, and so I decided that it was time to take the leap and dive right in, creating my women's footwear brand Emme Cadeau

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I started thinking of creating a women's footwear brand called Emme Cadeau over five years ago. It would be an aspirational brand built on classic silhouettes that played with colour and texture and most importantly was super comfortable. Even though I have spent my entire professional career in finance, that voice within me kept saying I needed to do this. Everything I have done along the way has been a lesson in self-discovery, a labour of love and an expression of who I am. The name of the brand plays on my name, Cadeau is a gift in French, gift being my last name, and my first name starts with the letter "M", hence the name Emme. Every design is named after a woman in my life, as growing up, I was always surrounded by women who did the best with what they had and the opportunities they were given. I have designed everything myself including my logo, my packaging, my website, the footwear. I have found suppliers, leathers and even self-financed this. While getting it on its feet as has been a one-woman show, I credit my friends and family for being the winds beneath my wings. All this is not without its ups and downs, of course, I had some challenges with the first manufacturer with whom I worked, that cost me dearly. But after taking a step back, so I could regroup, and remember the lessons versus what happened, I found an even better manufacturer to work with, who has taken my product to another level. My goal is to create something that appeals to the senses and makes women want to touch and experience the care that has been put into every aspect of it. My mother always says, anything worth doing, is worth doing well, and this is embodied in every shoe that I make.

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Photo 1: Nadia sneaker in Mirror Mirror, Photo 2: Isabella in Hot Havana, Photo 3: Lenore in Spring Time, Photo 4: Lenore in Mirror Mirror, Photo 5: Nadia in Blue Wave, 6: Cella, Ballet flats 7: Lenore in Blue Wave