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My name is Makailah, but everyone calls me Mak. I'm an elite soccer player, and I'm a model in the PNW. I love hanging out with my family and friends. I keep pretty busily with my schedule. My passion and dream are to continue my modelling career and eventually move to NYC someday. I love the fashion industry and want to be all over the billboards in NYC/US. There is so much to learn and with my moms help it's been a great experience. I want to help people achieve their goals in life, and young women feel beautiful and confident. We all have a purpose so "why not make your purpose your passion" because I am.

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I was bullied for a long time, and it was a struggle. I never understood what I did wrong to these people when all I was doing is being nice. I still struggle here and there in my high school years. But my mom has taught me to be me, be strong and stay focus on your goals in life. I have started to realise that life is a journey and this is part of my trip that will pass. Keep humble and stay positive my friends!!

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