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In a market filled with heavily edited images that border on graphic art rather than photography, I pride myself on keeping a natural look while still making my models look their best and providing my clients with the high-quality, eye-catching images their after.

Loyd, what are your passion and aspiration in life? How did you start as Photographer?

When I was 13 years old, I was an aspiring musician. I played the trumpet, saxophone, piano, wrote music both hip-hop and R&B, as well as produced music for pop. Hip-Hop, and R&B artists. As a musician, I often needed high-quality images for promotional purposes as well as album art. In an effort to save money I bought my first camera, and the passion was born.

Since developing this passion, my goals had grown and changed into something I had never even considered when I started. Right now my focus is on building a solid footing in the fashion and commercial photography field. Long-Term, I hope to build my company into a full-service multimedia business offer photography, videography, live sound services, recording services, as post-production services. I realise this is a big goal, but with my background in both photography and audio production/engineering, I believe I am uniquely qualified to build the right team to make this possible.

Who is your inspiration in life Loyd? How do you stay inspired as a Photographer?

In life, my inspiration is my dad. He passed away after a long fight with lung cancer, but I learned more watching that man fight cancer than I have learned from anything and anyone in my entire life. Both my mom and my dad were diagnosed with cancer two weeks apart. My dad is having the far more advanced stage cancer and my mother early stages of ovarian cancer. My father took cares of my mom while simultaneously going through chemo himself. Never accepting help and never complaining till the day she went into remission. Shortly after that, his treatment stopped working, and he quickly declined. My dad taught me the most valuable lesson of my life in those few short years. When you care about someone or something, you fight with everything you have to do everything you can, until you can't give anymore. I do everything I can to live all of my life in that example.

We all make mistakes Loyd; we wish we could take back. What was the mistake you made in the past that you wish you can take back?

My biggest mistake in all of my life was allowing others to convince me that my passions and my dreams were not possible. I got a late start because I wasn't living for me. I wish I could get a do-over and follow my path this time around.

Loyd, How do you describe yourself in terms of working with clients?

I have a laid back demeanour in my client interactions. I try to let my client take the lead as often as possible. Only stepping in to direct when I feel that I'd be underserving them if I didn't. I believe that when I have a client, my creativity is their tool. It's not my art but instead the paint that I am allowing them to utilise to create their masterpiece.

Please tell us, Loyd, how do you prioritise work, social life, friends, and family?

The family is always number one on my list. For better or wise my wife and my kids come before all other obligations. My work takes a very close second to that. Whenever possible, I avoid my priority interfering with my second. Any and everything else is flexible.

Loyd, please give us an example of a time when you were able to persuade someone to see things your way at work successfully.

This is a challenging question for me. Because this is not how I run my business, I don't have a good answer for this. I more often find myself finding a middle ground where both myself and my clients are satisfied, but neither of us truly got our way.

Loyd, please tell us about your proudest professional accomplishment as a Photographer.

My proudest professional accomplishment is something most people would take for granted. The day I finally earned enough money to buy my first full-frame camera is a day I'll never forget. After spending most of my life looking at them in catalogues, in camera stores, or online thinking, äóìman, what I could create if I could afford this camera,äó is finally getting one was just surreal.

Loyd, please give us an example of a time you were able to be creative with your work. What was exciting or difficult about it?

For me, the thing that opened me up creatively the most was when I first leapt studio strobes. Realising that I could with just the movement of light, or a change of a modifier, create an entirely different feel and mood in my images. It felt great. The first shoot that I ever shot four looks in one shoot without ever changing a background just by adjusting the lights and adding gels to background lights to get colors into my backgrounds I felt like a light bulb went off in my head. I can do anything with just a few lights and a camera. The world is no longer only how I see it but real or surreal I want it to be.

What advice would you give to the people who want to be successful as a Photographer?

It's simple... Study your camera roll you can operate it with your eyes closed. Then shoot anyone who will stand in front of it every day forever. The number one way to succeed in photography and life is to keep going and never quit.

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Photographer: Loyd Johnson

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