Lourdes Capall


Lourdes Capall


Singer, Actress and Model

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Calabasas, CA


Singer and Actress. A young and talented singer. She was model of international brands. She composes her own music. She’s a fighter, with beauty and talent Lourdes Capall is a big dreamer with a unique work. Her first music album was released in 2015. She’s a important model and a recognized singer for her international hit “Extinction”

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Lourdes Capall was born in Mexico City on December 22th, 1994. Actress, Singer, Director and an incredible writer. She was an excellent student. She started to study Acting and Directing for film and Theater in Casa Azul, Argos Tv, and some intensive workshops with the great film director Luis Mandoki. Some months later, She directed her first music video 'The Game Is Over', and composed her music Album 'Extinction'. The same year, 2014, She published her science fiction book titled 'Reencarnación'. On September, 2014 She produced her second music video 'Extinction (Lyric Video)'.

Now She's writing an incredible story for a saga, titled 'Crystalia'.

Without doubt, Lourdes is a genius and a great lover of the Art.

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