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My name is Victoria, but everyone close to me knows I go by Vic for short. I’m 15 and have already figured out that all I want to do is perform- doesn’t matter if I’m modeling, singing, dancing, acting or all of these at the same time. I’m only truly happy when I’m on stage or in front of a camera. I’m currently a freshman in high school and have already been selected as an advanced show choir member and was just cast in the spring musical. High school is off to a great start!

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When I’m working at one of the passions I feel free to be me and none of my struggles get in my way. At a very young age, I realized I did not learn the way other kids learn. I struggled to stay focused on my school work, and each time I took a traditional test I struggled to remember all of the information I studied so hard the night before. I was diagnosed with ADHD at the age of nine. I have had to work to overcome this in all my classes by devoting extra time to my assignments and thinking of creative ways to remember information- such as making up songs. A mind is an amazing tool because my struggle has never stopped me from achieving my goals when it comes to the performing arts and modeling. My mind allows me to be hyper-focused when I’m working at one of my passions!

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