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I am an empathetic and caring person, who has discovered that nothing is more important in life than being happy. I love to spread positivity and help others in need. My passion is to inspire others to work hard & to help them obtain their goals no matter how hard it seems. Never let anything or anybody get in your way. My goal in life is to be the best at everything I do and never accept anything less than what I deserve. SKY’S THE LIMIT!

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I come from a small farm town in Colombia. We are a family of 19 sisters and brothers. I have experienced many hardships growing up in a poverty-stricken country, with such a large family. There were many days that I didn’t eat and didn’t know when my next meal was coming. Trough it all I have always remained positive & always knew that one day things would be better. We have stayed a close and supportive family, and that is what helped me get through it. My past has taught me to appreciate the little things in life such as food, shelter, & clean drinking water. Life is too short to sweat the small stuff. We have to make the best of every day and take advantage of what we do***Don’t forget to tell the people you care about in your life that you love them!

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I would like take the time to thank all of the photographers who took their time to work with me. This list includes:

Rubén Gorjian, Yoel GQ and Kenny w/ Unknown Photography.