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I am a late bloomer, trying to fulfil a childhood dream. Doing something completely out of my comfort level mid-life was scary as hell until it wasn’t. I never envisioned marketing myself as an actor but yet here I am shouting at the rooftops, and I am not turning back!

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I am not a Cinderella story because there was nothing wicked about my life when I started to pursue acting. I have an amazing husband who adores me and has never squashed my crazy concepts or ideas. I have two teenage children that sometimes make me twitch, but they mostly encourage, support, and uplift me when I begin to doubt my abilities. Starting at the bottom with no formal training in a small upstate New York city has been no small feat especially at my age, but here I am. I can testify that with hard work, being humble when I got a break and kind to everyone has paved my way.

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