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Mississippi born and raised, the mother of one with love for the camera. I have been a pediatric nurse for over 16 years. My passion is to make a difference in the lives of others. I strive to be like a phoenix. The phoenix represents strength, courage and confidence. There are no limitations except the ones I choose to put on myself.

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This is the motto that I have just ascertained at age 40, "I am special. I am loved. There is no one like me." I have spent so much time waiting to reach a particular destination and never knew the importance of the journey. I've had two dreams in my life. The first dream was to be a nurse. The second dream was to be a model. So I changed my frame of mind and decided to step out of my comfort zone. You have to challenge yourself through taking actions to make your dreams a reality. Since this new mind transformation, I have had the opportunity to model in a fashion show and model for the clothing line called Ora's Boutique in Canton, MS. I entered the 2018 Ink Model Contest for Ink Magazine. With more than 25,000 models registering to compete, having made it into the top 1% was definitely what I believe to be a significant accomplishment. It made me realise that I do have what it takes to compete against some of the strongest competitors in the modelling world. I strive to be like the Phoenix. Throughout all my obstacles, I now rise through the ashes at age 40. There are no limitations except the ones I choose to put on myself.

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Dr Kathia Lawson-Photographer (pics 2-10)

Johnny Coleman- Photographer (pic #1))

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