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I am a Highly Motivated, All Natural and All American inspired Fashion and Fitness Model. Born in the South Carolina’s, I am incredibly passionate about being natural

Super athletic, a true fashionista, and an fantastic outgoing individual. I am apart of one of the most significant organisations, the US Army, and it is a pleasure to serve. I would love to accomplish all of my goals and more in life, but what has inspired me from day one is showcasing the natural aspects of life through modelling, appearance and fitness! Today’s generation seems to be brained wash on what beautiful, and confidence means and I want to be the one to bring them to reality!

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I am currently an Active duty African America female soldier in the military. Being looked at like you’re not enough, or your not the same, or so much for being stereotypically talked about on so many different levels. It’s hard being an African American female in the service. But we have to stand tall and prove another wrong! I’m passionate about doing things that set me aside if my peers and modelling, acting, fitness, and helping others has been my outlet! I love it. I’ve always been a multi-tasker and the person to do a lot by myself on my own, but I have a support system now, which I much appreciate! I am an inspiration to most people, and I am proud to be who I am.

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