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I'm a Chinese American model who was adopted at eight months from Nanning. I'm a jack of all trades but focus on modelling. I'm breaking society's and my boundaries with my modelling. I am loving in developing my life and discovering my identity as a model.

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My mom adopted me from China at eight months old. I was found in a box near a river before put in the foster home. I grew up in a Caucasian family, but my mom was always open with my adoption and my culture. Growing up was tough because everyone expected me to act in their Asian stereotypes and expected my adoption story to be sad. I was often told I wasn't a "real" Asian because of my adoption. I have spent most of my life developing skills in fine arts despite what people told me. I always thought if I couldn't be an actor I could be in tech theatre. Then I realised I was great at portraying inhuman creatures. I thought I wanted to be a photographer but found that I had a more significant talent being a model. I took the time to learn how to edit photos and videos. I wanted to have at least one creative skill to fall back on. Right now I am focusing on modelling. It's the only discipline where I have found that my race didn't matter. Now I am proving that my height doesn't matter. Just recently I have started a job that will allow me to move out for the first time and that will help fund my modelling career. I am excited to share my growth and my journey with others. I cannot wait to prove that who I am will not affect my creative work.

Photo Credits:

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