Kaya Peters


Kaya Peters


Entrepreneur, Fashion Designer, Yoga Teacher

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@kayalovesu, @rainthelabel


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Dubai, UAE


What I want to achieve is a continuously improved version of myself. I don't think I will ever stop setting new goals. Launching my clothing brand after more than a decade as a Yoga Teacher has been a great challenge and massive accomplishment. I want to inspire people to go for their dreams fearlessly.

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I grew up in a very dysfunctional household and left home at 17 to find my truths in life. I battled addiction, eating disorders, depression and anxiety for many years until I found Yoga and started healing myself. I then found my Yoga School in the United Arab Emirates and grew to be a successful Yoga Teacher Trainer. However, after more than a decade of this work, I realised I want to live my passion for art and fashion and decided to launch my clothing brand RAIN — the Label. I wanted to create clothes that feel like a second skin, yet make you feel so sexy and empowered. My concept is "Seductively Nurturing Leisure Wear". I used to be overweight and never thought I was beautiful. When I learned to nourish myself through Yoga, Fitness, the right foods and the right mindset, my body changed. I modelled for my clothes as I felt I wanted to be an example of how you can overcome your past and become a strong, empowered woman in spite of circumstances. It has been a month since I launched and the responses and sales have been amazing. All the women who wear my clothes say the same: "I feel so beautiful and I don't want to take them off". I am so inspired to build this brand into an international name, and can't wait for this new chapter of my life to unfold.

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