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Professional Athlete & Actor/Print Model

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As a kid, I always wanted to be someone who can create positive change. I always dreamed of doing what I love to do as it'll help me do things that are far bigger than me. After I won my first World title this year, I told myself I would change the way my sport is looked at forever, and I will do everything in my power to elevate and help the struggling communities and kids all over the world that want a future playing wallball. The ultimate goal in life provides a sense of comfort-ability without it being an adverse effect on personal growth!

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Have you ever been told "Those things don't work? You'll never make any money doing that. Just go to school, and you'll get a good job after. Your sport won't go anywhere. There's no money in it." I've been told that way too many times in many different ways that could be spun over the years I've been shooting for the stars. Unlike most, I like swinging the bat and going for that home-run every dam time. Growing up I've always played sports competitively. My grandfather was a professional bowler and my father pro skier. My grandfather was a veteran, and my dad owned a construction business. I grew up learning about how important it was to believe in yourself, your team, understanding how to take criticism, and that nobody will ever want what's best for you other than yourself. Learn to trust your teammates because a good team can get you far, and keep your enemies close because your friends will hurt you. At the age of 17, I changed my career path from athlete to an entrepreneur in hopes I can change the way people think for the better to get them to be self-motivated and to believe in their ability to do great things and most importantly what they love to do. I got involved with Network Marketing, or Multi-Level Marketing some may call it. I was in Vemma, Wake Up Now, Novae, Wealth Generators, iMarketsLive, Disrupt, LegalShield, you name it. I've worked with hundreds of successful entrepreneurs, and I've also worked with THOUSANDS of bad ones. Years of misdirection and being cheated and lied to, I never gave up because of the truth I saw within all the bullsh*t. I knew anything was possible. I started to lose credibility with my circles, but slowly replaced them with those who also were on the same path and endured the same type of hardships. Little did I realise that was the education in itself to shape me into the man I am today. I've learned to love; I've learned to forgive, I've learned to accept what is, I've learned how to read people, I've learned how to build/start/manage any company from the ground up. I've learned how to educate, speak in front of people, and get comfortable while being uncomfortable. I've learned to believe in myself more and more every day and to keep God close. I've learned to let go of friends that held me back; I've learned to understand people that don't understand who they are yet and anything negative they say or feel towards you is never personal, just misdirected. I've learned to take risks and not be attached to the money. Most importantly I've learned to love and accept myself — all these things and more. I hate the mistakes I've made, because all my intentions and philosophies were honest and true, but the outcomes of failure lead people to dislike me, thinking I wanted to take them down on purpose as if I would benefit off of it. Nobody was giving me a chance to paint the picture of the vision board I've created, with every puzzle piece being moved around in the wrong directions with no fault of my own. Just because life happened. I learned to adapt. It got to a point where my failures were what I was remembered for but not for what was one of my greatest assets to my knowledge and experience. Almost 8 years later, I've earned a World Title for TeamUSA (which is once every 3 years for my sport), I've learned to trade the foreign exchange markets successfully, I've made the correct investments with the right people, and I'm running a multiple E-commerce businesses and have ownership in one CBD company and plan on opening my holistic centre in the future. After years of networking with like-minded individuals and elevating my spirit, health,overall well being, and being able to scale my life and businesses, I look forward to giving back to all those people who thinks I've tried to hurt them, and those I've hurt intentionally without given a chance to explain and be able to impact the communities positively with charities I'm currently involved with. Thanks for reading the story summed up!

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