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Hi, I am 20y old, and my name is Jonathan G. I started with landscape photography two years ago and began with portrait/fashion and lifestyle photography one year later. This work captured my heart, and I get genuinely inspired trough nature, the people I meet and all the other creators. My goal is to keep doing what I love and share it with the world to show the beauty of our planet. Capturing different people is so exciting because behind every picture is a whole story - you can show a lot of emotions in one shot. Thank you for the opportunity being featured on model citizen! With love, Jonathan G.

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That's a long story - photography changed my life and changed the way I look at things. If someone is interested in my story, he/she can ask me directly ;)

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Models: Flurina @fluriiina, Serena @slayreina, Nadine @_underyourskin_, Ana @ana_donaldson, Elena @ceralna, Nathalie @nathalie.scw

Photographer: Jonathan G. @jonathan.portraits