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I am the tallest short girl with the courage to scare a lion; I'm not afraid of anything. I believe that strength and courage are what keeps this world beautiful, and I intend to keep that momentum going. I am a supermodel, I claim that title now because it belongs to me. To have girls that look like me, look up to me, has been my highest honour to date. I will keep going.

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I had a baby when I was 16, my best friend, my mom, died three months later. I struggled with self-love. I was too dark, too ugly, my hair was nappy. I met my husband, left my husband. I couldn't find love in him, and it was then I found love for myself enough to understand my time with him was up. That's how Jo Rey was born. I now have three incredible little boys that I strive every single day for. They look up to me, I am their Goddess, so I cannot let them down. I won't. I model for my mother. "You're a precious Gem; there is no one else like you" - my mom. She instilled this in me, and although I caught on late, she is the gardener that planted the seed. I want to be that gardener for so many others that are ever told that they are imperfect because that's a lie. We are all entirely made. What we become, and how we handle it is what creates our beauty.

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