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I am a small town stay at home wife and mother to 5 amazing children. My artwork is my lifeline, with it I can communicate with my toddlers and strangers alike. My passion is to show how creative art can bridge all language barriers, be it developmental, foreign languages, even lifestyle. Anyone can appreciate and enjoy the creative process, and that is the example I want to set for my children.

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I have found art to be a language of its own for me. Growing up, living in self-inflicted isolation, I did my utmost to avoid socialisation. As a child, I was diagnosed with Alopecia, a condition which caused me to be bald (in varying degrees) until my pre-teen years. I had to learn to communicate how I was feeling to the world through the use of my hands as it was the only safe way to interact with others from a distance. At almost every stage of my life, my art has provided a bridge from this outsider point of view I remained in. A language all of my own. To add an even more interesting twist to my story, I have learned several dialects of this “language” of mine.

I have learned how to use multiple mediums to speak to the world. Sculpting with polymer clay allows me to bring my fantasy world and imagination to reality for all to see and touch. Acrylics and pencils always have allowed me to express my emotions no matter how light or dark they may be. However, the ultimate and most precise means of communication is my watercolours and photography. While the other dialects allow me to show others who I am, my watercolours is my means of teaching others how I see the world around me. Which, from the point of view as someone who has always been an outsider, it entirely different and usually unique. My photography allows me to speak without saying a word about my hopes and joys and capturing small moments of happiness to be preserved and recalled no matter what life throws at you. These languages all encompass me as a person and allow me to have a lifeline to my children as well as strangers.

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