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I grew up in Los Angeles, moved to Northern California with my Mom. I am currently working in the medical field, but have always wanted to further my career in modelling. I believe that if given a chance I can prove to be something great. I do genuinely love knowing that I, in some way have made a difference in someone's day. (Even in the smallest way.) I am very motivated and promise no disappointment in my work ethic. I need a chance.

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I was no angel, considering how poorly I did in the LA County School District. I went to the continuation of homeschooling. It wasn't that I struggled with the academics, I struggled with attendance. But I always had a passion for art, anything from oil painting, to charcoal blocks. I dabbled in it all! Still a work in progress though, at least that is what I tell myself.

I was born in Los Angeles grew and grew up there. My Mom and Dad separated the 1st time when I was 14, then again when I was about 16. From the second separation, I decided to stay in Los Angeles with my Grandma, my Dad's Mom. My Dad didn't currently have a regular pace of his own, so it was best that I stayed with her. I truly appreciated my Grandma for all she did for me. She was the one who would always tell me; you're in America, you can be whatever you put your mind to.

Though my Dad was very hindering, as far as I could remember, I would get hit up for possible modelling opportunities. But, per my Father, he never wanted "That kind of Life for me". Though as I've grown older, I do understand where he may have been coming from. But looking back, I feel that closed a lot of doors that were once open to me.

But I am what I would call a fairly opened minded person, and can't feel that is the end of that dream. I am a strong person, who hasn't been through the most. But has been through enough to know that it's not how you fall, but how you get back up again. Otherwise, I wouldn't be where I am now. I appreciate the time and hope that you will consider me.

Thank you,

Jessica Berman

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