Jermaine Campbell 


Jermaine Campbell 


Model, entrepreneur, producer, photographer, athlete, actor, leader

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Coming from the streets of Newark, the chances of making it out successful are slim to none. Instead of Sticking in the same situation. I’ve decided to make my dreams of entrepreneurship come true. I am a superstar in the making starting with modelling. Soon I will be on the big screen for acting, modelling, producing, and more amazing passions of mine. I plan on making it big while I am in the fast lane and can’t nobody stop what is yet to come from God's hands himself.

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I am a 19-year-old kid from the streets of Newark New Jersey. I’ve lost a lot in life including things and people, I’ve become my father and mother at the same time. I work hard every day on my dreams while working a valet job, being a full-time college student, taking on the career of acting and modelling, changing my body and others visions with my workout routines, and taking care of myself and my family at the same time. I am a young entrepreneur and plan on making it big in no time. This is my time to shine, and I’m going to do it for me, my family, and my supporters. I’m going to support others the way God helped me and brought out their dreams and opportunities as I found for myself through hard work, faith, and determination. I am my self-motivator and inspiration. I’m going to get everything I ever wanted and Suggest that everyone get out of my way.

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