Jazmin Frenn

Jazmin Frenn
What is your location, Jazmin ?
United States
State / Region

Jazmin, please tell us your talent/work rate per hour?
$100 but it depends on the project

I first encountered the world of photography at the age of nine. Picking up my first point and shoot I began to see the world around me with different eyes and shooting became a complete addiction. 

As a child, I grew up in a beautiful country called Costa Rica and have been travelling since I was born. Before my 23rd birthday, I had travelled to almost 20 countries and lived overseas for more than a decade. I love hearing people's stories and capturing who they are, which inspired my pursuit in Cultural Anthropology as my college degree. To this day I continue to travel and meet new people and use my camera to tell people's stories. 

My biggest passion in the world of photography is fantasy photography. I love bringing to life fantasy characters that are inspired by mythology, children's books, and much more. My favourite project so far was capturing a forest nymph, because the makeup, hair and costume were very natural looking which brought a realistic contrast to the fictional subject. 

I've been blessed to have won several awards including a "finalist award" in the worldwide famous photography contest "Shoot and Share." I've also been featured in several publications and have won recognition by the publication Synecdoche in 2017. Between being featured on the covers on several books including a bestseller, I'm always looking towards my next big creative project! 

Our readers would love to get to know you more Jazmin. Tell us about yourself, what is unique about you?

Having grown up in different parts of the world, I see life around me in a different light. In a way, I carry different sets of "lenses" not all that different from that of a camera, which allows me to travel with adaptability and great ease and excitement. Although photography is a big part of my life, my other great passion is cultural anthropology. With this field, I have the opportunity to work with people cross-culturally, whether that's in the US or overseas. My greatest heart is to pour into people's lives through community development, missions and telling their stories through photography!

In the season I am in right now, I am looking forward to marrying my best friend, Stephen, in January. We're getting married in Southern California, and we couldn't be more excited to start the next chapter of our lives together!

Jazmin, what are your passion and aspiration in life? How did you start as a Photographer?

My greatest passion with photography is that I could help people tell their stories and feel that they have a voice. My ultimate goal in everything I do is to speak life and love into people. Although I have great dreams of being successful, my hope is that my life will count for something greater than myself. I want to be the best person I can be in every sense and help as many people on the way as I can. 

I became a photographer when I began taking pictures at my parents' ministry events. I fell in love with the ability to capture someone's story and to encourage them with a simple photograph. 

Who is your inspiration in life Jazmin? How do you keep inspired?

I am very inspired by the photographer David Dobson. Not only is he amazing at what he does, but he's a very philanthropic missions, minded person. I keep inspired by looking at the great people who are in my life, including my family, friends and talented community of photographers 

We all make mistakes Jazmin; we wish we could take back. Please tell us about time being a Photographer, you wish you’d handled a situation differently with a colleague.
There was one time when I was shooting a large crowd event that I needed some really good stage shots. I had been instructed by one of the media people in charge that I was restricted to certain areas, because of the cameras. While the other contracted photographers moved freely in the available areas, I found myself struggling to take advantage of even the spaces I could be in. I was thrown off by the very serious demeanour and didn't exercise as much freedom as I could have for fear of stepping on toes. I wish I could've asked for more clarity and confirmation so I could've felt more freedom during my work. 

Jazmin  , when you’re working with a large number of clients, it’s tricky to deliver excellent service to them all. As a Photographer, how do you go about prioritizing your clients’ needs?

It all depends on the deadline needs of every client. For example, clients that need to publish a newsletter or book are in need of their photos much sooner. Clients that aren't in a rush for a quick deadline tend to be more patient anyway. 

Please tell us, Jazmin, about a time you had to be very strategic to meet all your top priorities as a Photographer?

There was a time that I had three clients all at the same time that needed their photos in just a few days. Because of the urgency of their needs, I organized their shoots almost back to back in order of first come first serve. And then I immediately dedicated all my available time to delivering their edited photos over the course of just a few short days just in time for their deadlines. My strategy was to be extremely organized, remove all distractions, and give my clients the realistic timing of my delivery. 

Jazmin, please give us an example of a time when you were able to successfully persuade someone to see things your way at work.
At one point I was working with a colleague on a shoot, and she was going to help me with some of the makeup on my model. She had given a vision of what she wanted to the design to look like, but I had other thoughts and desires. I went to her with the approach that I truly believed my design would photograph best and that my truest intentions were to deliver the best results possible. I persuaded her because I genuinely believed my approach on the design would photograph better, and she saw that my intentions were good and true. It was a very easy and open discussion, and we continue bouncing ideas off each other to this day. 

Jazmin, please tell us about your proudest professional accomplishment as a Photographer. There might be many, but there is always this proudest moment that you just want to share with everyone. What is it and why?
I have been featured in two published books, both of which are very exciting. But my most exciting opportunity had my photograph on the cover of a fantasy novel. This is my absolute favourite achievement because it's been my dream since I was a child to work in the world of fiction novels. I've been an avid fiction reader since I was a small kid and I hope to continue to work with authors to bring their vision to life. 

Jazmin, please give us an example of a time you were able to be creative with your work. What was exciting or difficult about it?
I had the chance to sit down with a client to create a fantasy character for them. This was an absolute dream because it allowed expressing so much creativity and imagination. 

What advice would you give to the people who want to be successful as a Photographer?

Find your speciality. Find what you love. And get really good at it. Take classes and never stop learning. 

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