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I want to change the world. I want to challenge my potential. I want to Cr8 a group of creatives that help and work in harmony + unison. I do not want 2 Fit in .!! I’m OUTSTANDING. I want to help, and they need it, this emoji “ 🤝 “ for me symbolises a helping hand. My philosophy is iGotu: uGoti .!!! I’m studying life + what has not yet been discovered, or cr8 ’d. I’m awake clean and ready for abundance. I’m on a wave immense energy + leave on IMpact.!! Welcome2Creation 🌱 reversely engineered building reversely .!!! 🖖💚

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Wouldnt know where to start so much has happened.!!! I will say this is not to be taken lightly .!! I’m still writing my book and u picking the mic up again “ the revolution will be televised. “

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