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My name is Adriane Hernandez I am the Founder and Designer behind JAEA Kids! We are a stylistic mash-up of Mini-mermaid meets Beach Bohemian. Our styles are scaled down into trendy toddler swim and athleticwear perfect for the little wanderlust in your life.

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JAEA Kids! Didn’t start out as a children’s line. JAEA was originally a clothing brand, then an adult swim line! As an entrepreneur you slowly learn to navigate the waters of small businesses and realize that visions change, it’s your job to move along with the rise and fall of the tide. When I first started out I had many doors slammed in my face- I’m grateful for this because it made me completely re-work my business plan, re-work my approach to investors and how I handle situations as a women and as minority trying to navigate in a financial world primarily run off of intimidation.While building JAEA I still worked a full time job, I’d come home from a full days work only to worth through the evening in designs, finances, and other business documents. It was exhausting but because I didn’t have the money- I taught myself through trial and error little by little how to work every aspect of my company and it’s really paid off.

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