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Model and Athlete (Figure Skater)

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Moscow, Russia


My name is Ivan Righini GypsyKing, a figure skater, Designer and most importantly performer, (Russian-Italian Gupsy).4x Italian National champion, founder of a new luxury clothing brand “IMAN” what is a massive project for me. I love to skate, that’s my biggest passion, and now I’d like to explore the world of fashion and to be something new in it, to show everyone who I am and how many talents I’ve got for my 27 years of life. Never boring with me and you can be sure about that. I have worked alongside with professional dancers, acrobats, actors and singers, always working extremely hard and never scared to try something new and of course with a smile on my face :)

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I was born in Moscow, and since I was a kid always wanted to be a soccer player but because my health problems and getting flees all the time, my mother brought me to the ice rink, and I started to skate. Was a tough path to go through and I became twice Russian Junior National champion and top 6 junior worlds. Then a real severe injury follows, a broken bone in my foot and doctors couldn’t find the reason why I had pain and the whole year was competing on a broken bone through pain and tears. Finally, they found them, and I was operated in Moscow and could not recover well after that. Couldn't walk and do my passion - skating. My coach lost in tweets of working with me and I had to switch to another one.

Then year after year we’re going down and down but I was performing well at competitions though, and somehow I wasn’t in the national team so I had no sponsors and no monthly earnings at all.

Then I started my new path with shows. Because I had double citizenship, I switched for Italy and because of 4-time Italian champion! Move to the village with population 10k people called Oberstdorf in Germany.there was one of the best clubs in Europe to practice! Was very tough to move for the first time from the big megapolis to such a small village there was nothing accept cows working around and language which I didn’t speak. To pay for my living and practices (from 6 to 8 hours per day of skating), my family had no money to pay as well. Soi was working as a bartender at nights after 9 pm.Had no money to invest in myself so I started to play professional poker and that was my main profit so I could quit being a bartender and sell clothes where nobody was buying anything :)This period of my life was one of the best ones in my career because I was firm with my spirit and mentally was made of steel. But then One of my coaches died, and the other one could not work with me, so I loved to Italy where my Federation of figure skating was based, thinking that it could be the best thing for me. But probably in Italy they didn’t want not a “real” Italian skater to represent them on Olympic Games, so they gave up with me twice, and I missed them, and I decided to take a break from that and start doing shows!

I was invited to the best show in figure skating world called “Art On Ice “ and still promoting there and had an opportunity to work with such amazing acrobats,dancers and singers like James Blunt, Emeli Sande, Stefanie Heinzmann, Cirque Eloise, etc.

Met love of my life in this project, she is from Canada, and she recovers and makes new me! And now we are working together as choreographers all around the world, and I decided to create a luxury brand of clothes called “IMAN”. Working on that for one year but not established yet, probably very very soon. For one year I was doing the best shows in the world and now trying to find myself as a model, be closer to fashion and acting worlds and make the world to see who I am, to see my talents and share with the experience I gained for this whole quarter of my life :)

Thank you for listening, and that’s only the beginning.

I can’t live without music, dancing and being with a step in step with time and technology’s as well. And I’m a bee, love playing video games and of course without smile nothing worlds! Humour is my second me ;)of course, to go through all of this and became the person who I am; I’m so thankful to my family and friends. They always for me in the 1st place.

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My passion, my brand, my love and my life.

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