Ingrid Nachstern

Ingrid Nachstern


Film Director, Screenwriter, Choreographer

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Countess Tyraska and @ingridnachstern and Facebook Night Star Dance Company and FB Ingrid Nachstern

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Dublin, Ireland


I am passionate about filmmaking and dance! I dance and act in my films; the last one was shown at the Los Angeles Movie Awards(won Best Experimental film!) in Hollywood Jan 2019. This is my third career, and I have always adored what I do(as a translator and teacher of classical ballet). I live in London for six months of the year and attend daily ballet class there which is to die for! My motto is #neverletanyonewreckyourbuzz

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In my thirties, it was suspected that I had breast cancer. I was terrified. I had two small children at the time and luckily a very supportive husband. Had to wait six weeks for the result.Told no one except a few close friends. I danced my way out of it as at the time I used to go to evening ballet classes several times a week. I vowed I would do my teacher training in ballet if all proved well. The diagnosis came through; I was in the clear! Paradoxically I then lost my nerve re teacher training. But after several months I plucked up the nerve again and pursued my passion for opening my ballet school. I was told at the time that I was too old. I was about 38 years of age. #neverletanyonewreckyourbuzz