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Lakewood, CO, USA


I love the cold and venturing to new places! My biggest goals in life are to achieve a good career, settle down and be happy. I love modeling and being able to tell a story through a lens. I love the freedom to create in art.

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Honestly, I had a tough life. My dad was an abusive, irresponsible, and careless of a man. I was also molested when I was a child in our home country, and my dad didn't care enough to help me. So I grew up having identity and image issues. He left our family at the age of 13, and I ended up being the head of the household. I still run my family's finances up to this date. I went through an abusive relationship to realize that I need to take care of myself, and love myself more.

I think of all these bad events are opportunities to help further improve myself and to become an even better person. I think it is important to say and tell your story aloud, because someone might hear it and know that they are not alone.

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