Huan Tran

"This is how I live life, keeping a pulse on whether I'm coasting and when I feel things get steady, I jab it with a fork and add stimulus."

Name: Huan Tran

Location: Toronto, ON, Canada



Profession: Model

Email Address:

About: I'm a pretzel bender who wishes he were a fish. With comfy sneakers, tunes and no destination, I can literally walk forever. Life could use a soundtrack to keep your steps moving to a beat, except I walk to a rhythm that can be described as crab crawl across a corduroy beach. On my, bent out of shape, unicycle I've meandered through 2 degrees; across time zones, equators and meridians, sometimes without the foggiest as to where I'm going. I figure, you can't be lost or late if you don't have anywhere to be. I like art, ideas, hate onions and currently create work under the name Art Frak

Tell us something about yourself. What you do, passion and aspiration in life?: Having been an illustrator for 15 years and the opportunity to work with brands like Adobe, GM, Coca-Cola, MacWorld Magazine, The Harvard Business Review, and Popular Mechanics, I was suddenly hit by a realisation that I was getting complacent my career. Art Frak is my response and reaction; or overreaction. I picked up the camera and started experimenting with something new to me. This is how I live life, keeping a pulse on whether I'm coasting and when I feel things get steady, I jab it with a fork and add stimulus.

Who is your inspiration in life? How do you keep inspired?: There is no lack of inspiration in the world, life itself is a miracle, and its diversity is an endless inspiration.

What is the most challenging part of your profession?: Most challenging? Two words, "Social Media". Being a bit of a dinosaur in this regard, I shunned away from Instagram and the like; never fully understanding how to fit it into my life, which was working perfectly without it. But refusing to end up like the dinosaurs, I finally dove in and had been struggling to figure it out for the last five months. It has been interesting and confusing, enjoyable and annoying, with surprising moments and ridden with moments of palm to the face. You know, like everything else.

We all make mistakes we wish we could take back. Tell me about a time you wish you’d handled a situation differently with a colleague.: I once got caught in a civil war at the border of Peru and Bolivia, after escaping the flying bullets, I had some choice regrets. And then there was the time I got attacked by a saltwater crocodile while looking for said crocodile in the Daintree rainforest in Australia. If I'm opening up, then I shouldn't leave out the time I almost got swept over the top edge of the Victoria Falls, while wading into it, in Zambia. I'd like to say that I'm making this shit up, but I'm only lucky that Darwinism has weeded me out of existence yet.

When you’re working with a large number of customers, it’s tricky to deliver excellent service to them all. How do you go about prioritising your customers’ needs?: I set and accept deadlines based on my confidence in knowing how long it will take me to complete each process. To help with this, I establish a very clear line of communication with the client about scope, complexity, expectations and even the type of approval structure that will be used for the job.

Tell me about your proudest professional accomplishment.: The proudest moment would be my relationship and work with Adobe, specifically the Adobe Illustrator team. I've been using their software for two decades to create my work; needless to say; it was amazing when I was approached to create art for the 50 year anniversary of the software. I subsequently created further pieces that were later used to promote the many features and capabilities of the Adobe suite.

How old do you have to be before it can be said you died of old age?: Around four years old, when we're first taught how to be socially normal and embraced it. Zombies ever since.

Do glow-in-the-dark objects stop glowing when somebody turns the lights on?: Are the objects glowing when you turned off the lights? Or are the simply refusing to go dark like everything else?

If parents say, “Never take candy from strangers” then why do we celebrate Halloween?: Because without hypocrisy, we would all be validated self-righteous pricks.

If one man says, “it was an uphill battle,” and another says, “it went downhill from there,” how could they both be having troubles?: They both really hate hills.

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