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Geronimo: trying to live up to the name, my mind is in business, but my heart is in modelling and fashion and how I long to fulfil it. There's this gripless tower above our heads we call success that I'm trying to climb, won't you help me jump it?

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Both of my parents immigrated from Mexico and opened a construction company. Not native speakers they always had a difficult time, and we as a family would come to harness and work. My childhood summers were not filled with video games or bike riding. Instead, I was either in the office organising payroll and helping my mom be a secretary, or out in the field supervising and putting actual blood and sweat into our jobs. Though I one day wish to be as hard of a worker as my parents, for now, my love of fashion sprouted as a child, forming into me reselling in high school, to opening my clothing brand in 2017. Now I want to move deeper into the fashion world being inspired by myself to complete my childhood dream of becoming a model. The funny part about this is that my primary role model growing up as a child was Derrick Zoolander, I am told I even mimic him through personality a lot.

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