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I am a Model, Actor, Director and Producer. I come from a lower middle-class family in Upstate NY and Developed a passion for the film when I was 11. I made movies on a VHS Camcorder and edited on 2 VHS decks. I want to produce Award-winning documentaries, feature films, and series', and I will!!!

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I started making films when I was 11 yrs old with my friends and due to financial struggles upon entering adulthood at 18 decided to enlist in the US Army as a Paratrooper. My passion for film stayed strong throughout the years, and upon completing my military service after 20 yrs, I have returned to my love and currently produced 12 films 3 of which are now available on amazon prime! Clint Knockey: The investigation, A series Pilot Shadow Minds and Foster Home Seance. I am currently in the final editing stages of my feature Film Brothers James: Retribution a western style film!!!

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