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Emma Louise Fisher



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Sheffield, UK


I’m a fun loving friendly person who lives life to the full, I’m passionate about modelling and this is my life long ambition.

After a tough life iv decided this is my time and to follow my dreams.

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I lost my mum when I was 14 due to her turning to alcohol after not been able to deal with loosing her dad my grandad, This left me my brother and dad to carry on and live through what was then the worst time of my life. At 14 I cooked, cleaned and looked after my brother and dad instead of been a normal teenager and living my life but I didn’t mind I know my dad needed help. Then when I was 24 on a normal day at work I had a call with the most terrible news my dad had died suddenly my world fell apart all over again and I had to pick myself up and rebuild myself once again, All that iv been through has made me the person I am today I try to be the best person I can to make my parents proud.