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Elia Mosenich

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I am an 18-year-old boy from Italy but scattered around the world in search of my way, with interests in fashion, fitness and my new field undertaken is that of digital, which is giving me many satisfactions. I studied in a bilingual high school and learned to speak Italian, Slovenian, Spanish, and English. From 2016-2017 I was in Costa Rica to study because I won a scholarship. I like to meet new people, different cultures,... my greatest passion is to travel.

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I started with drama school, then my teacher introduced me to the Mister Italia competition, where I was liked, but I was not yet of age. I continued with fashion in Milano, not at competitions. However, I can say that I have recently been selected for Mister Europa. This path did not take me away from the field of entertainment; in fact, I made several short films and extras for Rai Fiction. I'm young, and I think the world of fashion, TV, cinema can offer me a thousand and a thousand possibilities. I'm an ambitious guy, and I believe in myself. I'm also demanding with myself and others, but I have no problem with adjusting.

Social media has given me opportunities to meet leading people in the industry. Thanks to social media, I have increased passions that I never thought I would discover. I try to maintain a human relationship with my social channels, in the sense that I like to post fashion and everyday photos because the support of the people who follow me give me bigger satisfactions day by day.

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