Eddie Pabon

The beauty of the world in our eyes, the light that fills the emotion of others, and the uniqueness of the moment, is what motivates me to capture the human experience.

Eddie Pabon

Name: Eddie Pabon

Location: New York/ NY/ US

Website: http://www.lalechedelarte.com

Instagram: http://instagram.com/lalechedelarte

Profession: Photographer

Email Address: admin@lalechedelarte.com

About: The beauty of the world in our eyes, the light that fills the emotion of others, and the uniqueness of the moment, is what motivates me to capture the human experience.
With a lifetime passion for photography and appreciation for art, I refer to my craft as “LaLecheDelArte” (The Milk of Art) which represents the light we all carry within ourselves. As a photographer, I love to inspire others to be present and enjoy the moment to capture light and love. “Amplify your light so the world can be illuminated with your beauty” - is what I tell my clients. Shooting momentous occasions, being a part of the experience, and capturing beauty and art are essential key elements of my focus when taking breathtaking pictures.
Overall my goal is to leave each client completely satisfied with their project outcomes.

Tell us something about yourself. What you do, passion and aspiration in life?

I am a very motivated, positive, and inspired individual who lives to spark the light in others and capture that. With a meditation before every session, I ensure that I am balanced and centred to approach anyone with clarity and pure energy. I aspire to inspire everyone I capture to recognise their true beauty - the light within.

Who is your inspiration in life? How do you keep inspired?

My family inspires me to be the best me. I stay balanced and inspired by meditation, constant study of my craft, and in pursuit of my dreams.

What is your aspiration in life?

To ignite the light within as many people as I come in contact with for the rest of my time on this beautiful Earth.

What is the most challenging part of your profession?

Capturing individuals who do not see their beauty. Being a perfectionist, I tend to spend a lot of hours working pre and post projects.

We all make mistakes we wish we could take back. Tell me about a time you wish you’d handled a situation differently with a colleague.

I once worked with a friend on a project and did not have them sign a release/ consent form for the photos captured. They asked that I do not post any of the pictures and I loved those photos. Lesson Learned.

When you’re working with a large number of customers, it’s tricky to deliver excellent service to them all. How do you go about prioritising your customers’ needs? 

I ensure to plan, schedule "wiggle room" time for any issues that may arise, and always communicate effectively with the goal for customers to be completely satisfied. I never overbook or schedule projects for the same day.

Tell me about a time you had to be very strategic to meet all your top priorities.

I always have to be strategic with planning shoots. Anticipating clients needs and project specifics to make sure things flow smoothly.

Give me an example of a time when you were able to successfully persuade someone to see things your way at work. 

I am constantly explaining and assisting my teams to visualise and conceptualise what it is I am trying to achieve. I've never had to do more than just that.

Tell me about your proudest professional accomplishment.:

My first wedding photo shoot was my greatest experience. I had never been to a wedding before but made sure to study up the itinerary and give the job my highest priority. The bride and groom were excited with their shots, and I enjoyed the entire experience.

How old do you have to be before it can be said you died of old age?:

Why do they call it Apartments if they built together?

Do glow-in-the-dark objects stop glowing when somebody turns the lights on?: 

If you work security at the Samsung store does that make you a Guardian of the Galaxy?

If parents say, “Never take candy from strangers” then why do we celebrate Halloween?:

Why do noses run but feet smell?

If one man says, “it was an uphill battle,” and another says, “it went downhill from there,” how could they both be having troubles?: Who closes the bus door after the bus driver gets off?

Photo Credits: Photographer: Eddie Pabon @HaveHonorHaveFaith